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For information about recycling in Roane County call:
Roane County Recycling Center at 865-590-7779

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Teresa Jackson, Roane County Sustainable Officer at
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Roane County Green Team

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"Nobody Likes a Litter Bug" is a new commercial created for the Roane County Green Team to be shown on local TV Channel 15.  It was created by Matt Waters and students at Roane State.  Click here to view on Youtube.

Roane County Green Team is our Facebook page providing information about the sustainable events and efforts in Roane County.

Roane Alliance Awarded Sustainable Community Trophy for Roane County, December 6, 2013
Roane County Takes Green to a New Level, August 22, 2013


Silver Level Sustainable Community

The Roane Alliance received a Silver award on behalf of Roane County at the TVA Valley Sustainable Communities Program Recognition Luncheon on December 3, 2013 in Nashville.  The award ceremony honored 13 communities from across the Tennessee Valley Region.  The trophy was presented by Heidi Smith, General Manager, Global Business of TVA Economic Development, to then-President/CEO Leslie Henderson, The Roane Alliance; Teresa Jackson, Roane’s Sustainable Officer, The Roane Alliance; and Danice Turpin, Director of Tennessee Applied College of Technology, a member of the Roane Green Team.

Roane County was one of the first counties in the Tennessee Valley to be designated as a Silver-Level Sustainable Community, recognizing Roane County's community-wide sustainable efforts, with programs available to support the business community and economic development opportunities.

Roane County's
Sustainable Profile

1. Roane County's Green Team was formed in 2009
2. The Roane County Green Team focuses on providing programs to support businesses in developing and implementing sustainable practices.
3. Roane County provides extra points under its Payment-in-Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) program for companies locating on a brownfield site.
4. Roane County offers curbside, single-stream recycling to residents and businesses. Roane County is one of the only rural counties in the state of Tennessee (based on state population) that offers curbside recycling.
5. The Oak Ridge National Lab has one of the largest collections of LEED-Certified buildings on a single campus in the entire Southeast, and all new construction is specified as LEED Gold in the facility development process.
6. Local utility providers offer customers energy audits and programs to customers that result in energy savings.  Specifically, REU offers energy audits and participates in heat pump financing through TVA programs. REU's Smart Energy program provides customers with energy monitoring programs that can save 10 to 15 percent.
7. Sustainability curriculum at area institutions of higher education ensure that the Roane County workforce is prepared for jobs in sustainable sectors, including wind, solar and geothermal energy; environmental health; and composite materials manufacturing.
8. Sustainability research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory supports the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program. Research at ORNL addresses sustainable electricity to ensure energy security; sustainable manufacturing of advanced energy materials and processes; and mobility of passengers and freight related to vehicle and fuel efficiency.
9. The new Volkswagen Global Distribution Facility is LEED Certified - the first automotive warehouse to be LEED Certified in the U.S.
The designation came through the TVA Valley Sustainable Communities Program which assists communities in identifying and cataloging their sustainable assets to increase the community's competitiveness when companies are looking to invest in new or expanded locations in the valley.  Boyette Strategic Advisors developed and is administering the program.  The Roane Alliance led Roane County's participation.

Boyette visited Roane County in 2013, evaluating key areas like sustainability preparedness and education; economic vitality; environmental and societal commitment, and even health and wellness efforts. 

Sustainable economic development balances the need for economic growth with environmental and societal accountability.  It ultimately offers benefits across a triple bottom line to ensure a health environment, a thriving community, and economic prosperity - or the three P's - planet, people, prosperity.

The Roane Alliance held a 'Green Party' in August to celebrate the award and a billboard went up on I-40 EB the same day.



Renewable Symposium Held in Roane County

On October 22, 2010 the Tennessee Renewable Energy and Economic Development Council (TREEDC) held its first membership symposium in East Tennessee in Roane County.  Held at Roane State Community College in Harriman, more than 80 attendees from 29 cities, 16 counties, and 7 states met to discuss current programs and future statewide developments in renewable energy.  Community leaders discussed local government best practices, alternative transportation fuels and renewable electric generation.  The Roane Alliance helped organize the symposium with Warren Nevad, TREEDC Director.  For more information about TREEDC contact Warren Nevad or call the Roane Alliance at 865-376-2093865-376-2093.

Roane County's Green Team:

Teresa Jackson
Sustainability Officer
The Roane Alliance
865.376.2093 or 800.386.4686