Tennessee Scholars 2011

Tennessee Scholars is an education initiative sponsored by the Education Committee of the Roane County Chamber of Commerce. It is part of the National State Scholars Initiative.

The purpose of Tennessee Scholars is to increase the number of students graduating from high school with a rigorous, defined academic course of study that prepares them for higher education, the workforce, or the military. In addition to a rigorous course of study, Roane County Schools require students to have an overall "C" average, 95% attendance, pass End of Course tests, have no out-of-school suspensions, and 40 hours of community service.

For the 2009-2010 school year, we had 83 Tennessee Scholars. We expected that 2011 would show an increase in the number of qualifying students, and we were not disappointed.

School year 2010-2011 ended with 123 graduating seniors recognized as Tennessee Scholars at a ceremony on May 11, 2011.  Each Tennessee Scholar received a medallion to wear at their graduation ceremony and their diploma will have a gold Tennessee Scholar Seal.  Additionally, one student from each of the five Roane County high schools will receive a scholarship from Roane State Community College (RSCC) for their use if they attend Roane State. Alternate RSCC scholarship students were selected from each high school. The 2011 Roane County Tennessee Scholares are listed and pictured below.

What you can do to help sponsor Tennessee Scholars:

  • Contribute financially to support the Tennessee Scholars program.
  • Be a spokesperson for the program: Volunteer to enter high school classrooms to tell students about the Tennessee Scholars program. Let them know the importance of completing a rigorous, defined course of study and encourage them to select the appropriate classes.
To contribute to the Tennessee Scholars program or be a volunteer spokesperson, contact Mare Thomas, Tennessee Technology Center at Harriman, at mthomas@ttcharriman.edu or call (865) 882-6703.

Learn more about the Tennessee Scholars Program at http://www.tennesseescholars.org.

Roane County's 2011 Tennessee Scholars

(Listed in alphbetical order. Not all of our Tennessee Scholars are in the pictures.)

Harriman High School (25)

Bryhana Adams, Autumn Adkisson, Cody Barnard, Mark Chesser, Tara Clark, Emily Crabtree, Kristen Delozier, Tyler Dishman, Kimberly Edgerton, Darius Gallaher, CassyGoldston, Whitney Goldston, Whitley Johnson, Matthew Johnston, Heather Matheson, Steve McCullough, Cree Moore, Tyler Morris, Philip Nelson, Jeremy Owenby, Kelsey Parks, Brittani Reed, Aidan Scott, Savannah Weatherly, and Shaquella Westfield.

Midway High School (10)

Hayley Bruse, Audrey Bullard, Kaleb Butler, Jessica Johnson, Courtney Moree, Taylor Narramore, Jacob Parkison, Sarah Reynolds, and Jeremy Whitehead.

Oliver Springs High School (24)

Rachael Baas, Tayler Cox, Jordan Daugherty, Sara Davis, Erin Delong, Katheryn Fitch, Taylor Dixon, Kristina Paige Freels, Emilee Gettys, Katelyn Harvey, Matthew Harvey, McKenzie Johnson, Zane McKinney, Shelby Miller, Maleah Murray, Sandra Elizabeth Murphy, Cassandra Prater, Dorothy Saye, Destinee Scott, Jessica Trentham, Michael Lee Turnbill, Michael Joseph Vinson, Billye Nicoe Webb, and Kimberlin Woods.

Roane County High School

Kelsey Adler, Alexandra Bartosch, Kaitlyn Byrd, Zachary Carter, Sarah Christopher, Hannah Clark, Logan Clark , Jacob Clower, Rebecca Cofer, Bryson Conner, Kathleen Duff, Alan Hethcoat, Lauren Ladd, Sara Lay, Kelsey Lorenz, Daniel Miget, Alexandria Moore, Ryan Orick, April Parkison, Sarah Rainwater, Corey Reed, Joshua Riggs, Jonathan Roberts, Briana Robinson, Alex Roschli, Erika Smith, Andy Spellman, Shelley Starkey, Dalton Stewart, Briana Tapp, Camden Treadway, Jake Turpin, Mark Umbehagen, Katie Uselton, Desirae Voiles, Brandy Walden, Hannah Wood, and Jared Woodward.

Rockwood High School (26)

Kelsey Brackett, Allison Breazeale, Kerri Broglin, Carly Cobb, Amie Duncan, Elizabeth Easter, Michelle Edwards, Rebekah Garrison, Derek Gibson, Kimberly Grasham, Rachel Grasham, Kiley Gunter, Heather Hall, Vida Harp, Angel Hart, Amber Haverland, Reanna Henderson, Lucas Jolley, Amber Kerley, Jacob Leffew, Jessica Pankratz, Kyle Powell, Sarah Reid, Corey Shelton, Collin Smith, and Heather Thomas.

The Winners of the Roane State Community College Scholarships

Front row from left:  Autumn Adkisson, Sarah Reid, Shelby Miller Back row:
Taylor Narramore, Chris Whaley (Vice President of Academics for RSCC), Cory Reed