We plan and implement strategies for the controlled growth of Roane County’s economy as a unified voice representing the best Tennessee has to offer businesses, citizens and travelers.

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We bring growth-oriented businesses with strong fiscal discipline, infrastructure and workforce-ready people to East Tennessee.

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We attract travelers who seek unique heritage and the best outdoor recreational experiences to Roane County.

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We connect leaders and organizations for the benefit of local and regional business growth.

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We empower leaders, parents and students to invest in education, so they are better prepared to fulfill the workforce opportunities of Roane County’s future.

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We offer natural beauty, historic charm and low-cost living, distinguishing Roane County as one of the best retirement destinations in the nation.

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The Roane Alliance is the economic development agency for Roane County, and is the umbrella organization over the Roane County Visitors Bureau, as well as the Industrial Development Board and the Roane Chamber.  Established in 2001 as a catalyst for 'positive economic and community development programs,' the primary reason for the Alliance was to bring the three organizations together under one roof to share operating costs and create a central location that works together to promote and market the county.

Tourism is the 2nd largest industry in Tennessee and one of the largest economic drivers for Roane County, with $71.32M spent by visitors in our county in 2018, per the U.S. Travel Association.  The taxes generated by these same visitors resulted in close to $8M which reduced each household’s tax bill around $366.  Visitor spending has increased year over year, totaling $1.5M over the prior year and $15M over the past 10 years.  In addition, visitor spending means jobs, creating $12.47M in payroll for an average 485 hospitality jobs in the county.  In five years, tourism created 70 new jobs and increased payroll by $3.34M.

The county's tourism program that falls under the Roane County Visitors Bureau, was established by resolution and Private Act of 1992, with the primary funding coming from occupancy tax collected in the county and its cities, excluding within the City of Harriman. Operations make up a small amount of the tourism budget, while Personnel, Programs and Marketing make up the rest.  The Roane Alliance is able to provide a onestop shop under one roof for more efficiency and productivity, allowing Roane County to be more competitive and successful in promoting our quality-of-life and quality-of-place.  To learn about Roane County's quality of life and its assets visit