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Chamber Honors 70 Roane County Tennessee Scholars

June 20, 2023

Kingston, TN – The Roane County Chamber of Commerce and Roane County Schools recognized seventy graduating seniors as Tennessee Scholars at an Awards Breakfast and Ceremony at Roane County High School on May 3, 2023. Each Tennessee Scholar received a medallion and certificate during the ceremony; a Tennessee Scholars Seal will adorn their academic transcripts and graduation diploma.

Tennessee Scholars is a four-year high school program. The program requires students to complete a rigorous course of study, receive a "C or higher" grade in every required class, have
95% or higher attendance, pass all end-of-course tests, have no out-of-school suspensions, and have a minimum of sixty hours of community service.

"This is a tremendous accomplishment for these seventy students," said Allen Lutz, the Roane Alliance's Director of Education and Workforce. "These students started high school
during the pandemic, with many restrictions on interactions and volunteer opportunities. Yet, rising to the challenge, they made a concerted effort to meet the Tennessee Scholars requirements; these seventy students represent 19.9% of the Roane County Graduating Class of 2023.

At the awards ceremony, Dr. Chris Whaley awarded six $500 Roane State Community College Tennessee Scholars Scholarships, one for a Scholar from each of the five high schools
and Roane County Virtual Academy, to attend Roane State in the fall. The RSCC scholarship recipients are Addison Oliver, Harriman High School; Keenon Green, Rockwood High School;
Ashlyn Stiles, Roane County High School; Emily Thompson, Roane County Virtual; Mary Contreras, Midway High School, and Laikan Yates, Oliver Springs High School.

Additionally, on May 4, eleven of the seventy Scholars were selected randomly, so each student had an equal chance to receive a Tennessee Scholars scholarship worth $500 to support
their education and career goals. The students receiving the scholarships are Mary Contreras, Midway High School; Thomas Daniels, Roane County High School; Mattie Lea Faulkner, Roane
County Virtual Academy; Bianca Hudson, Roane County High School; Connor Kelly, Rockwood High School; Tabitha La Com, Oliver Springs High School; Emilee Miller, Roane County High School; Alexandra Roberts, Roane County High School; Carlee Rodgers, Roane County High School; Lynsey Smith, Roane County High School; and Ashlyn Stiles, Roane County High School.

A Roane County United Way "Community Enhancement" grant for the Tennessee Scholars program provided funds for the medallions and certificates presented to the seventy Tennessee Scholars and six of the eleven $500 scholarships. The United Way's support is part of its education efforts which engage students and parents to increase their involvement in setting
high educational goals and help them better understand the value of higher education.

A "Fueling Futures" grant for $2,500 from the Enbridge company funded the additional five $500 scholarships, bringing the total to eleven. The Enbridge Foundation awarded the grant
to the Roane County Tennessee Scholars program to support "vibrant communities," places that offer opportunities for every citizen, enriched by cultural experiences and opportunities to learn, grow and lead. At the awards breakfast, Art Haskins, Enbridge's representative, presented the grant check to Justin Snow, the President/CEO of the Roane Alliance.

"The goal of Tennessee Scholars is to increase the percentage of Tennessee high school graduates prepared for post-secondary education, the workforce, or the military, said Lutz. "Tennessee Scholars is about workforce preparedness, and workforce preparedness is the number one factor businesses consider when looking to locate in a community. Businesses will not come to Roane County if we don't have a skilled workforce."

The Tennessee Scholars is a Roane County Chamber of Commerce program in partnership with local businesses and schools. The Chamber is a partner in The Roane Alliance.

The Roane Alliance's mission is to create an environment and a unified voice that promotes job creation, economic development, and enhanced quality of life, education, and
workforce.  To learn more about the Alliance and its partners, please call 865.376.2093 or visit