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Expression of Interest Requested for the Emergency Response Training Facility (ERTF) Project

March 13, 2020

Expression of Interest for Emergency Response Training Facility

 The Roane County ETC Project (RCEP), an operational entity to be formed of the Roane County Industrial Development Board, is seeking expressions of interest for a Developer/Construction Manager to plan, design and build a new Emergency Response Training Facility (ERTF) on a 21 acre parcel on the western end of Oak Ridge, Tennessee across highway 95 from the Horizon Center. The facility design and construction will be fully funded with a budget between $11 million and $13 million. The proposed facility will be generally as follows:

An academic/training facility between 30,000 and 50,000 square feet, up to 3 floors with primary usage as classrooms, offices, administration and two high bays for multiple-purpose testing equipment which will be skid-mounted. At least two high-bay areas, each with at least 2,000 square feet, will have roll-up doors for equipment access. Classroom size will need to accommodate 20 – 50 students. Some classrooms will need to be adjustable/configurable.  It is envisioned that some classrooms will have fixed hardened walls while others will have collapsible partition walls to accommodate space need requirements. Classrooms will be wired for individual internet capability.  Each room will be wired for audio and video capability.  Video capability will via a mounted TV monitor or a projection screen.  The general occupancy should be planned at 200 – 300. There should be at least (1) male and (1) female restroom per floor. There should be a general eating area to accommodate 50 persons at a given time. Office spaces will accommodate (2) people per room and will be frosted glass or hard walled. The front exterior of the facility will be brick and glass and will have parking to accommodate up to 300. The proposed site is an unencumbered, wooded site with nearby utilities available from the City of Oak Ridge. The Developer/Construction Manager will be tasked with developing the site and extending utility services from a point at the boundary of the 21 acre site to the facility.

The RCEP is seeking a turnkey contractor to work on its behalf to manage all elements of planning, facility programming, development, design and construction. The contractor would be responsible to contract and manage all design and construction work. It is anticipated that facility/site design would begin in the June timeframe, followed by construction in the fall of 2020.  Following the completion of construction, the contractor may be asked to provide certain services related to Property Management for the facility.  A tenant for the facility has been identified, and it is anticipated that the tenant will provide routine maintenance for the facility during occupancy by them.

The ERTF will be located on a larger site with future training facilities planned. While not specifically part of this request for expressions of interest, there may be interest in building a second facility in close proximity to the Emergency Response Training Facility.

Interested parties should respond with qualifications, relevant experience and potential teaming arrangements if applicable. Following expressions of interest, an information meeting is planned and will be followed by a request for proposals.

Expressions of interest should be sent via email or postal mail to the following by 3/31/2020.  General questions may also be referred to the following person by email or postal mail:

Roane County ETC Project
c/o The Roane Alliance
Attn: Mr. Justin Snow /
1209 N. Kentucky Street
Kingston TN 37763