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Tennessee Scholar Graduates of 2020

May 20, 2020

ROANE COUNTY, TN. – Congratulations to the 114 Tennessee Scholar Graduates who represent 28% of the 2020 graduating class from the five Roane County high schools. These students went above and beyond the requirements to graduate from high school by achieving more rigorous academic requirements, volunteering for community service, meeting discipline standards, and maintain 95% or higher school attendance.

As in past years, Roane State Community College presented five $500 scholarships, one for each of the Roane County high schools, that are to be used by the recipients when enrolled for classes at RSCC this fall. The winners are: Kendra Qualls, Harriman HS; Sarah Collins, Midway HS; Landon White, Oliver Springs HS; Nathan Pearson, Roane County HS; and Eli Everhart, Rockwood HS.

Additionally, five students were each awarded a $200 Tennessee Scholar Scholarship. The scholarship recipients are: Alexia Bishop, Riley Brown, Faith Riggs, Lucas Robinson, and Zack Staggs. The scholarships may be used for continuing education and career/work expenses. All of the Tennessee Scholar Graduates had an equal chance of being awarded this scholarship. The scholarships were made possible through a grant from the Roane County United Way.

For the Graduates of 2020, this year will be remembered as the year of COVID-19. The annual Tennessee Scholars Awards Ceremony and Breakfast was cancelled, schools closed in March, and graduation ceremonies postponed. Many students who to planned to participate in community service activities during March and April were not able to complete it.

This year, the requirements to graduate as a Tennessee Scholar remained the same as last year with one exception. The 80-hours four-year community service requirement was lowered to 60- hours. However, but for many students it was too late to “catch-up” and fewer students graduated this year as Tennessee Scholar Graduates. Which emphasizes the special accomplishment for those that are graduating as Tennessee Scholar Graduates.

The 2020 Tennessee Scholar Graduates are:

Harriman High School: Ethan Adkisson, Hannah Baker, Ananda Bertram, Haley Brackett, Logan Brown, Grace Calahan, Kortney Culy, Conner Foley, Carissa Goins, Isaiah Griffis, Macy Hendrickson, Breanna Hickey, Kylann Love, Tanner Moore, Kendra Qualls, Lucas Robinson, Jamiel Scudder, Mallory Smith, Zack Staggs, and Serena Stewart.

Midway High School: Lillian Bacon, Delilah Brooks, Andrew Burton, Sarah Collins, Samuel C. Johnston, Alexander Limburg, and Mary Elizabeth Sweeney.

Oliver Springs High: Bryson Alcorn, Matthew Armstrong, Clifton Boswell, Shelby Bowlin, Gavin Carter, Courtney Chaston, Blake Crass, Alexis Edmundson, Kaylin Gibson, Madison Green, Mable Johnson, Ryan Jones, Makinley Lowery, Macey McDonald, Shelby Rosenberger, Julia Steele, Jared Stombaugh, and Landon White.

Roane County High School: Marlena Alexander, Aubrey Anderson, Reese Banken, Bailey Barding, Alexia Bishop, Alyssa Boswell, Elijah Breazeale, Riley Brown, Haley Buchanan, Kylie Bullington, Logan Carter, Garrett Clifton, Henry Coen, Luke Collins, Kimberly Copeland, Kerah Darley, Kaitlyn Davis, Morgan Dubois, Liberty Dudley, Erin Duff, Alexia Goodson, Morgan Griffey, Bailey Guinn, Ella Guinn, Mackenzie Haba, Noah Hampton, Emma Hearon, Emily Khan, Tucker King, Dawson Lane, Shelby Leblanc, Michele Mackeown, Suzanna May, Alexandria McBrien, Madison McGill, McKenzie Pack, Nathan Pearson, Lauryn Purda, Keylon Reynolds, Faith Riggs, Haveyn Stooksbury, Beyounce Stubbs, Emily Thompson, and Joseph Tipton.

Rockwood High School: Rebecca Armes, Kailey Bowman, Nathan Brackett, Ryan Bruce, Jordan Collett, Britayzia Davidson, Savanna Ellis, Carson Evans, Eli Everhart, James Ferrell, Jeremy Ferrell, Abraham Gaskins, Adyson Goldberg, Tad Johnson, Stevie Kindle, Madysin MacDonald, Paige McDonald, Macy McLean, Tiani Porter, and Clay Thompson.

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