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Roane Alliance Recognizes Outstanding Businesses and Leaders

January 25, 2021

ROANE COUNTY, TN – The Roane Alliance recognized outstanding businesses and individuals recently on Facebook, using videos to make the special announcements.  The first of six videos began on January 15 and ended January 22 to highlight each of the winners and why they were chosen.

“Annually, the Roane Chamber recognizes outstanding businesses and individuals at their spring event, which could never be rescheduled because of the pandemic,” said President Pam May, the Roane Alliance.  “So we decided to honor them using an even bigger platform, and with the help of Roane State’s Matt Waters, we were not only able to surprise them with their award presentation, but we also were able to tell their story for everyone to hear.”

The Roane Chamber recognized these outstanding 2020 Business Award winners:

  • Marilyn Calfee, Paul Cowell Distinguished Service
  • ORUD, Business of the Year
  • Volkswagen, Industry of the Year
  • Toni Haba, Woman of the Year
  • Ben Briley, Paul E. Goldberg Young Professional
  • Nikki Adkisson, Ambassador of the Year

“Roane County is truly blessed to have these individuals and businesses play such a vital role in our community,” said Roane Chamber Chair Sean Hensley, Proton Power. “Congratulations to our 2020 Award winners!”

 Each of the winner’s videos were posted on the Roane Chamber Facebook page between January 15 to 22, or they can also be viewed on the Roane Chamber website at  For those and additional businesses highlighted by the Roane Alliance visit their Youtube channel at

To learn more about the Roane Alliance and its partners visit To learn more about the Roane Chamber and the advantages of membership, please contact Tori May at 865.376.5572 ext 205 or